Mission Statement:

floridainsurancequotes.netThe Granny Bikes’ mission is to develop and market a simple kit that will convert two standard production bicycles into a stable and affordable 4-wheeled bicycle. The vehicle will be called “The Granny Bike TM”. The primary target market of “The Granny Bike TM” will be seniors, and physically challenged who desire to have a greater degree of mobility restored to their lives. The secondary market will be anyone else who just wants to have fun riding this unique quadcycle.

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The Granny Bike is an ideal vehicle for use around trailer parks and retirement communities. The four wheels of the quadcycle provide support and stability for novice cyclists or those with minor disabilities. The elderly can safely enjoy cycling alongside their children, grandchildren, or other seniors. And those with mobility impairments should find the Four-Wheeled Bike a godsend. Folks requiring “walker” support to get around should have no trouble riding this four-wheeler – and the walker can ride along too! However, you don’t have to be old or handicapped to enjoy 4 wheeled bicycles. It’s fun for everyone to drive around the block and it’s great for shopping or making deliveries And no one ever need get too tired driving the 4 wheeled bike. It automatically converts to its own mobile rest station – simply stop pedaling and relax!

Have fun but be safe. The Granny Bike is quite stable but remember it’s still a bike and it can tip over. Be especially careful when driving on hilly terrain or with only one operator. Follow the rules of the road, wear a helmet, and don’t argue with motor vehicles. They’re bigger and you’ll always lose no matter who has the right of way!

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