Bicycle Dealers and Bike Repair Shops

Bicycle dealers and bike repair shops could use The Granny Bike conversion kit to converts two standard bicycles into an affordable and unique type of quadcycle. Bike dealers and bicycle repair shops may have an opportunity to increase their sales of bicycles and tandems if they include the Granny Bike conversion kit in their catalogue or sport store. The tricycle has been the bike of choice for those requiring a stable cycle. The Granny Bike is more stable, can seat two and is less expensive then a tricycle. It is a good alternative to the adult tricycle. It is the poor man’s quadcycle.

Bicycle dealers enquires are invited.

Remember, this four-wheeled bicycle can quickly be converted back into two standard bicycles. No new parts are required. Assembly or disassembly time is approximately 10 minutes once the initial set-up and adjustments have been made. The only tools required are a 1/2 inch deep socket and a 1/2 inch wrench and maybe a pair of pliers. If an umbrella holder or carrier are added, then include a pair of 7/16 wrenches.

Many bicycle shops have a large inventory of good used bicycles. These used bikes are ideal to convert into Granny Bikes and the cost is usually quite reasonable.

Fill a marketing niche, add the Granny Bike conversion kit to your line of sport equipment.