Bicycle Paths and Trails

Bicycle paths and trails are quite suitable for a four wheeled bicycle like The Granny Bike because of the comparatively narrow gauge, 28.5 inches between wheel center lines. For touring The Granny Bike is a very sociable PPV because of the side by side seating arrangement. Because of the dual operating capabilities of this four wheeled bike, it is ideal for travel where a little supervision is also required.

Information on bike paths and trails

  1. Google Maps – Find bike paths all over the world
    • To find maps and information on bike paths and trails go to the Google Maps.
    • Enter a location of interest in the search block, e.g. The Villages FL, then select “Bicycling’ from the menu to see bike paths.
    • Download Google Earth to supplement your bike path information.
    • To determine GPS coordinates of known locations.
  2. Canada, all provinces and territories.
    • The Trans Canada Trail. See web site for detail.
    • Find or Create a bike route in Canada.
    • Cycling information around Vancouver, B.C. and lower mainland.
  3. Peterborough, Ont.
    • Bike Trail Map.
    • Peterborough and Area Trails and Parks.
    • Bike Maps and Routes.
    • Central Ontario Loop Trail (COLT), Events and activities. Recreational trails and bike trails in Peterborough, Ontario area.
    • Bike and Sport store in Peterborough.
  4. Canadian Trail Guides.
    • Bicycling in Canada.
    • Canadian Trail Reports
    • Canadian Bicycling Books and Maps.
    • Information on Bicycle tours in BC, Canada.
    • Pedal – Canada’s Cycling Magazine.
  5. Cycling in Quebec.
    • Web site for, Cycling the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada.
    • Cycling Paths, Book
    • Then search on Cycling.
  6. Ontario Biking Trail Information
    • Recreational Trails Map in Southern Ontario.
    • Explore Ontario by Bike.
    • Ontario Trails Council
    • Web site of , ONTARIO CYCLING ASSOCIATION Lots of useful links and cycling information.
    • Take your bike on the train to destinations across Ontario.
    • Antique Bicycles site. Lots of Links. Dedicated To The Enjoyment And Preservation Of Our Bicycling Heritage Canadian Contact: Ron Miller, 9 Hill Street, Maple, Ontario, Canada , L6A 1P9
    • Go to web site for maps of pathways and bikeways maps in the City of Burlington, Ontario.
    • Cycling information in Niagara, Ontario, Canada.
    • Canadian Cycling information.
    • Bicycling in Ontario.
    • Greater Niagara Circle Route.
    • Tandem Cycling Club, For the vision impaired.
    • Ontario Bike Paths and Rail trails, Book, $19.95.
    • Trails in the Haliburton highlands. Maps & Links.
    • HAMILTON CONSERVATION AUTHORITY Walking and bike trails.
    • . The Adventure Mountain Bike School. Collingwood, Ontario. Trails and maps.
    • Then click on Parks and Tails for Trails and maps around Brantford, Ontario.
    • Promoters of long distance cycling with the province of Ontario.
    • A glossary of trails.
    • Trail maps in the Collingwood area.
    • Slide show of the bike paths around Collingwood, Ontario.
    • Biking in Canada’s Capital – Ottawa.
    • Ontario rail trails. A collection of bike trails that were once abandoned railways.
  7. Toronto, Ont.
    • Toronto Cycling Maps.
    • Cycling in Toronto, Ontario. Toronto Cycling Maps, Promotion of biking by the City of Toronto .
    • With over 800 members the Toronto Bicycling Network is Canada’s largest recreational cycling club. Organized tours.
    • Bayview Cycle Center – Bicycle trails around Toronto and Outlying Regions.
  8. Calgary, Alberta
    • Calgary Bike Path Information and Maps.
  9. U.S. Bicycle Paths:
    • The Villages Florida, Bike Paths.
    • Los Angeles bike path maps.
    • List of Florida’s Paved Bike Trails.
    • Mike’s Mega Bicycle Links A good source of US bicycle path maps and other things related to cycling.
    • Biking in Michigan. Department of Natural Recourses.
    • Boston’s Bike Map.
    • NYC Cycling Maps.
    • Minnesota bike trails
    • Biking in Wisconsin.
    • Biking in Arizona.
    • Biking in Nevada.
    • Biking in Utah.
    • Biking in Colorado.
    • Biking all states US and Canada.
    • Bike trail information all US states.
    • Biking in California.
    • American bike trails.
    • US and Canada Bike trails.
    • Adventure Cycling Association
    • United States Numbered Bicycle Routes
    • MapMyRide bike Path maps and Bicycling Routes in the United States and Canada
    • Create a nationwide network of trails from abandon rail lines.
    • US Bicycle Route System Connecting America.
    • A guide to Bicycling in the USA. Maps, Events, Resources
    • Bike Trails Created from Abandoned Railway Lines