What is hurricane insurance? Do I need it?

If you want to get technical there really is no hurricane insurance. It really is a mixture of insurance policies that are available for purchase that is intended to keep your home protected from hurricane damage. If you are living in an area prone to hurricanes, it is recommended that you buy as much coverage as your budget allows. Read below to find out more regarding Florida hurricane insurance.

The first way to keep your home protected is to have a home insurance policy. Your standard FL home insurance should cover you against heavy wind damage according to https://floridainsurancequotes.net/home-insurance/staggering-cost-florida-property-insurance-rates/. If hurricane winds tear off your shingles, for example, your policy would have to pay you for the damages. If you look closely at your policy, often times you will deductible for hurricanes.

According to , you may be required to purchase an extra windstorm insurance policy in addition to your homeowners insurance. In the case of this, all wind damage would be covered under this single policy. Also, Florida hurricane insurance would cover cyclones and tornadoes.

This windstorm insurance would be required if your home is within 1000 feet of an Ocean. Keep in the mind the rates for this will depend on your property value and what condition the property is in.

When it comes to FL hurricane insurance, be sure to consider a hurricane deductible. Before receiving payment from your claim, it is necessary that you pay a hurricane deductible. It is usually around 3% of what your home is insured for.

How much will hurricane insurance cost me?

While the average cost of home insurance is $964 dollars per year, it would averagely be around $1,500 to protect your home from a hurricane. If you need to pay extra for the windstorm coverage, expect it to cost a few hundred dollars more. However, the total price you will pay will be based on your home and how close it is to water.

Since there really is without Florida hurricane insurance from FloridaInsuranceQuotes.net, you may find your internet searches to be lacking. If you have read through the entire guide, you should realize that instead of FL hurricane coverage, you will need to purchase extra windstorm insurance instead. If you browse the web you should easily be able to find insurance deals that will fit your needs.

Bicycle Dealers and Bike Repair Shops

Bicycle dealers and bike repair shops could use The Granny Bike conversion kit to converts two standard bicycles into an affordable and unique type of quadcycle. Bike dealers and bicycle repair shops may have an opportunity to increase their sales of bicycles and tandems if they include the Granny Bike conversion kit in their catalogue or sport store. The tricycle has been the bike of choice for those requiring a stable cycle. The Granny Bike is more stable, can seat two and is less expensive then a tricycle. It is a good alternative to the adult tricycle. It is the poor man’s quadcycle.

Bicycle dealers enquires are invited.

Remember, this four-wheeled bicycle can quickly be converted back into two standard bicycles. No new parts are required. Assembly or disassembly time is approximately 10 minutes once the initial set-up and adjustments have been made. The only tools required are a 1/2 inch deep socket and a 1/2 inch wrench and maybe a pair of pliers. If an umbrella holder or carrier are added, then include a pair of 7/16 wrenches.

Many bicycle shops have a large inventory of good used bicycles. These used bikes are ideal to convert into Granny Bikes and the cost is usually quite reasonable.

Fill a marketing niche, add the Granny Bike conversion kit to your line of sport equipment.

Physically Challenged – Transportation

The physically challenged can use The Granny Bike conversion kit to convert two standard bicycles into a 4 wheeled vehicle tailored for the physically disabled. This may not seem an advantage from the cost point of view as most specialized vehicles for the disabled are covered by medical insurance. However, not everyone has medical insurance and the Granny Bike is an affordable assistance for those that can adapt to its operation. The Granny Bike is a natural supplement to those required to use a walker. A walker would still be required indoors, but a Granny Bike would greatly extend the mobility of the user for outdoor activities or where the space require for the Granny Bike could be accommodated.

Where supervision of the exercise session is required the dual drive system makes the Granny Bike a idea exerciser. The therapist can lead or pace the exercise session and also enjoy in the ride.

When the seat is changed to one fitted with safety harness, the Granny bike again makes a good alternative to a wheel chair, allowing the caregiver as well as the patient the opportunity to also ride, or rest wherever they are.

The Granny Bike would seem useful as a forced exerciser for stroke victims with walking problems. Feet could be strapped to the pedals and force to follow the pedaling motion. The coaster aspect of the drive would have to be modified to make the pedals continue to move when the Granny Bike moves forward.

In northern areas when cold weather and snow put a end to the bike riding season, the Granny Bike can be taken indoors and turned into a stationary exercise bike. All that is required is to suspend the rear wheels off the floor by a support positioned under the bottom rear cross support of the Granny bike conversion framework. The pedaling load can be adjusted by lightly applying the caliper brakes.
Because the Granny Bike conversion kit is being used for therapeutic purposes. The cost of the kit may be covered by insurance if recommended and prescribed by a physician.

Nursing homes are another candidate for the Granny Bike. With wide corridors and hall ways there is ample room to ride the four wheeled bicycle indoors. It would be a much better exerciser then a wheel chair for those patients that have some degree of mobility. Seats could be fitted with back supports and safety harness if required. Visitors would much rather share a ride on the Granny Bike with a patient then push a wheel chair or walk along side a patient who requires a walker.

Retirement Communities – Stable Bicycle Transportation

Retirement communities can use The Granny Bike conversion kit to converts two standard bicycles into a stable four wheeled bicycle for use around their home, trailer parks and camp sites. This type of living environment beckons a quiet means of transportation for shopping and deliveries within the community. The bike can be used for touring the community, and visiting with your neighbors. It is fitted with a carrier for multiple uses like carrying extra clothing, picnic lunches, groceries if shopping, books from the library, or maybe your golf or tennis equipment, etc. This quadcycle also has a tow bar where a trailer can be attached. Tow your canoe to the lake, a trailer for extra passengers, take your garbage to the dumpster, or when camping, transport your washing to the comfort station or the shower room. The one nice thing about this 4 wheeled bike unlike the tandem bike, is that it is a portable seat that you take with you where ever you go. Just stop pedaling and sit and relax. Even through this Four-Wheeled Bicycle mainly targets seniors, it is a fun vehicle for all to tour on. Both cyclist can contribute to all aspects of the ride. Either rider can have full control of the bike. It is also more stable than an adult tricycle. The side by side position of the cyclists makes conversion convenient, and visibility great for both riders. The Granny bike is quite, no noisy motors, great for bird watching and observing nature.

Retirement communities and holiday resorts all over North America can enjoy the Granny Bike. Winter playground in the southern United States like Arizona, Florida, Texas, Georgia, The Carolinas and California to name a few. Snow birds flock south every winter to sunny Florida trailer parks, Texas retirement communities or to the west Pacific coast and the state of California.

Winter in Canada can be a challenge for bike riders, but the resorts and retirement communities on the coastal regions of British Columbia can use the four wheeled Granny Bike all year around to supplement their leisurely life style. Ontarian’s and other parts of Canada can look forward to at least 8 months of good bike riding weather. This four wheeled bicycle can add to the enjoyment of living in any retirement community.

Bicycle Paths and Trails

Bicycle paths and trails are quite suitable for a four wheeled bicycle like The Granny Bike because of the comparatively narrow gauge, 28.5 inches between wheel center lines. For touring The Granny Bike is a very sociable PPV because of the side by side seating arrangement. Because of the dual operating capabilities of this four wheeled bike, it is ideal for travel where a little supervision is also required.

Information on bike paths and trails

  1. Google Maps – Find bike paths all over the world
    • To find maps and information on bike paths and trails go to the Google Maps.
    • Enter a location of interest in the search block, e.g. The Villages FL, then select “Bicycling’ from the menu to see bike paths.
    • Download Google Earth to supplement your bike path information.
    • To determine GPS coordinates of known locations.
  2. Canada, all provinces and territories.
    • The Trans Canada Trail. See web site for detail.
    • Find or Create a bike route in Canada.
    • Cycling information around Vancouver, B.C. and lower mainland.
  3. Peterborough, Ont.
    • Bike Trail Map.
    • Peterborough and Area Trails and Parks.
    • Bike Maps and Routes.
    • Central Ontario Loop Trail (COLT), Events and activities. Recreational trails and bike trails in Peterborough, Ontario area.
    • www.wildrock.net/ Bike and Sport store in Peterborough.
  4. Canadian Trail Guides.
    • Bicycling in Canada.
    • Canadian Trail Reports
    • Canadian Bicycling Books and Maps.
    • Information on Bicycle tours in BC, Canada.
    • Pedal – Canada’s Cycling Magazine.
  5. Cycling in Quebec.
    • Web site for, Cycling the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada.
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    • Then search on Cycling.
  6. Ontario Biking Trail Information
    • Recreational Trails Map in Southern Ontario.
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    • Web site of , ONTARIO CYCLING ASSOCIATION Lots of useful links and cycling information.
    • Take your bike on the train to destinations across Ontario.
    • Antique Bicycles site. Lots of Links. Dedicated To The Enjoyment And Preservation Of Our Bicycling Heritage Canadian Contact: Ron Miller, 9 Hill Street, Maple, Ontario, Canada , L6A 1P9
    • Go to web site for maps of pathways and bikeways maps in the City of Burlington, Ontario.
    • Cycling information in Niagara, Ontario, Canada.
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    • Tandem Cycling Club, For the vision impaired.
    • Ontario Bike Paths and Rail trails, Book, $19.95.
    • Trails in the Haliburton highlands. Maps & Links.
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  7. Toronto, Ont.
    • www.toronto.ca/cycling/map/index.htm Toronto Cycling Maps.
    • Cycling in Toronto, Ontario. Toronto Cycling Maps, Promotion of biking by the City of Toronto .
    • With over 800 members the Toronto Bicycling Network is Canada’s largest recreational cycling club. Organized tours.
    • Bayview Cycle Center – Bicycle trails around Toronto and Outlying Regions.
  8. Calgary, Alberta
    • Calgary Bike Path Information and Maps.
  9. U.S. Bicycle Paths:
    • The Villages Florida, Bike Paths.
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    • Biking in Colorado.
    • Biking all states US and Canada.
    • Bike trail information all US states.
    • Biking in California.
    • American bike trails.
    • US and Canada Bike trails.
    • www.adventurecycling.org/routes/ Adventure Cycling Association
    • www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Numbered_Bicycle_Routes United States Numbered Bicycle Routes
    • www.mapmyride.com/routes/ MapMyRide bike Path maps and Bicycling Routes in the United States and Canada
    • www.railstotrails.org/ Create a nationwide network of trails from abandon rail lines.
    • US Bicycle Route System Connecting America.
    • A guide to Bicycling in the USA. Maps, Events, Resources
    • Bike Trails Created from Abandoned Railway Lines


Nursing Home Exercise Bicycle

Nursing homes: – Try The Granny Bike.

Nursing homes can use The Granny Bike as an excellent alternative or supplement to the wheel chair that is used in all nursing homes and extend care retirement facilities. It is very affordable when compared to the price of wheelchairs and electric scooters. This four wheeled bike also encourages the patent or retiree to exercise, and is fun to drive or ride. It is very stable compared to wheel chairs and scooters and can be also be used in the outdoor yards of retirement communities. In some localities it would also allow the retirees to socialize in the community nearby, or shop at a mall. If a walker or cane is need by the user it could also be carried on the Granny Bike for use if need.