Physically Challenged – Transportation

The physically challenged can use The Granny Bike conversion kit to convert two standard bicycles into a 4 wheeled vehicle tailored for the physically disabled. This may not seem an advantage from the cost point of view as most specialized vehicles for the disabled are covered by medical insurance. However, not everyone has medical insurance and the Granny Bike is an affordable assistance for those that can adapt to its operation. The Granny Bike is a natural supplement to those required to use a walker. A walker would still be required indoors, but a Granny Bike would greatly extend the mobility of the user for outdoor activities or where the space require for the Granny Bike could be accommodated.

Where supervision of the exercise session is required the dual drive system makes the Granny Bike a idea exerciser. The therapist can lead or pace the exercise session and also enjoy in the ride.

When the seat is changed to one fitted with safety harness, the Granny bike again makes a good alternative to a wheel chair, allowing the caregiver as well as the patient the opportunity to also ride, or rest wherever they are.

The Granny Bike would seem useful as a forced exerciser for stroke victims with walking problems. Feet could be strapped to the pedals and force to follow the pedaling motion. The coaster aspect of the drive would have to be modified to make the pedals continue to move when the Granny Bike moves forward.

In northern areas when cold weather and snow put a end to the bike riding season, the Granny Bike can be taken indoors and turned into a stationary exercise bike. All that is required is to suspend the rear wheels off the floor by a support positioned under the bottom rear cross support of the Granny bike conversion framework. The pedaling load can be adjusted by lightly applying the caliper brakes.
Because the Granny Bike conversion kit is being used for therapeutic purposes. The cost of the kit may be covered by insurance if recommended and prescribed by a physician.

Nursing homes are another candidate for the Granny Bike. With wide corridors and hall ways there is ample room to ride the four wheeled bicycle indoors. It would be a much better exerciser then a wheel chair for those patients that have some degree of mobility. Seats could be fitted with back supports and safety harness if required. Visitors would much rather share a ride on the Granny Bike with a patient then push a wheel chair or walk along side a patient who requires a walker.