The Granny Bike consists of two standard bicycles connected together side by side using a conversion kit. When the two bicycles are so connected, the resulting vehicle is a stable self supporting 4 wheeled quadcycle. The Granny Bike uses the bicycles unaltered in any way, and uses the bicycle drive and braking systems as is. The main framework of the kit is made from aluminum for light weight and corrosion resistance. Fittings are also plated or stainless steel for corrosion protection.
The bicycles are connected at the rear by two horizontal members, stiffened by two cross members. This sub-assembly is attached to the bicycles at four connections points. A second sub-assembly attaches to the front forks of the bicycles near the front axels. A third sub-assembly connects to the front handle bars to tie the steering together. Detailed assembly instructions are included with each kit.

The Granny Bike is ideally suited for the elderly and those with walking and balance problems. Both riders have full control of the bike, therefore making it ideal for use with the mentally challenged, visually impaired and children, or anyone needing some supervision.

The basic kit connects the two bicycles. Additional attachments can be added to the kit to provide a tow bar for a trailer, a holder for a golf umbrella, a holder for drinks, a holder for a walker, a tool and grocery carrier, a hitch for pusher bike, etc.

The connection kit will also serve as a working platform for an electric drive assist system. Go to the “Links” web page to see electric drives already available from other sources.

If the biking terrain is reasonability flat and the road surface hard, then the Granny Bike can be assembled using single speed coaster bikes, of which there is an abundance available supply of cheap used bicycles. Choose bicycles with comfortable seats and handle bar placement. If the biking terrain is hilly then choose a multi speed bicycles for your Granny Bike. If the road surface is soft, then bikes with wide tires should also be chosen. A ladies style frame also makes mounting and dismounting easier.

Note: The bicycles, umbrella, and blue box for the carrier, etc., are to be supplied by the purchaser, and are not a part of the conversion kit.