Granny Bike Uses

Here are a few ideas for the use of The Granny Bike:

  • It is ideal for someone who has balance problems and is unable to safely ride a normal bicycle.
  • It is a ideal exercise bike for two people, or it can be ridden singly.
  • It can be used as a shopping vehicle when fitted with the appropriate carriers and work platform.
  • It can be used to supervise the bike riding of younger children on family outings.
  • It is a comfortable seat for watching any outdoor event.
  • The Granny Bike conversion kit will makes use of old bicycles that haven’t been used for years. This time by the older generation.
  • It is a more sociable vehicle because of the side by seating, and full control by either driver.
  • When camping at provincial parks, the Granny Bike serves as good transportation work vehicle around the park.
  • Used for walking the dog.
  • Used to delivering papers
  • Used as a gardening helper.
  • The Granny Bike quadcycle would be a ideal vehicle for use in rehab/physiotherapy centers.
  • It would be ideal transporter around retirement communities.
  • The Granny Bike is fun for anyone to ride. It should not be concluded that it is only for the handicapped.