Who Are We?

The Granny Bike

My name is Hugh Skeldon. I am a retiree. The Granny Bike evolved because of the needs of my now deceased first wife Shirley. It was Shirley’s need for a stable bicycle to ride that inspired the development of the Granny Bike, a quadcycle constructed from two bicycles using the Granny Bike Conversion Kit. A prototype was designed and built, and then ridden for miles by the two of us around the streets of Alcona and Bridgenorth Ontario. It functioned so well and was so much fun to ride that it occurred to us that manufacturing the kit could become a viable hobby-business. Eventually we decided to try our hand at marketing the Granny Bike Conversion Kit on the internet. The many comments and surprised looks we received when riding the Granny Bike, have reinforced our decision.
The Granny Bike Conversion kits is manufactured in my garage and basement. The simplicity of the design makes it ideal for a home based manufacturing company.

I have remarried and now live at Flora’s in Peterborough, Ontario.

I will continue to offer the conversion kit to others for their enjoyment and special needs.

How long will the Skeldon Bike Co. Ltd. survive? I will continue to market the conversion kit for as long as there is a viable market. When I can no longer can carry on, the business will be turned over to my daughter and her family.

Hugh Skeldon