Retirement Communities – Stable Bicycle Transportation

Retirement communities can use The Granny Bike conversion kit to converts two standard bicycles into a stable four wheeled bicycle for use around their home, trailer parks and camp sites. This type of living environment beckons a quiet means of transportation for shopping and deliveries within the community. The bike can be used for touring the community, and visiting with your neighbors. It is fitted with a carrier for multiple uses like carrying extra clothing, picnic lunches, groceries if shopping, books from the library, or maybe your golf or tennis equipment, etc. This quadcycle also has a tow bar where a trailer can be attached. Tow your canoe to the lake, a trailer for extra passengers, take your garbage to the dumpster, or when camping, transport your washing to the comfort station or the shower room. The one nice thing about this 4 wheeled bike unlike the tandem bike, is that it is a portable seat that you take with you where ever you go. Just stop pedaling and sit and relax. Even through this Four-Wheeled Bicycle mainly targets seniors, it is a fun vehicle for all to tour on. Both cyclist can contribute to all aspects of the ride. Either rider can have full control of the bike. It is also more stable than an adult tricycle. The side by side position of the cyclists makes conversion convenient, and visibility great for both riders. The Granny bike is quite, no noisy motors, great for bird watching and observing nature.

Retirement communities and holiday resorts all over North America can enjoy the Granny Bike. Winter playground in the southern United States like Arizona, Florida, Texas, Georgia, The Carolinas and California to name a few. Snow birds flock south every winter to sunny Florida trailer parks, Texas retirement communities or to the west Pacific coast and the state of California.

Winter in Canada can be a challenge for bike riders, but the resorts and retirement communities on the coastal regions of British Columbia can use the four wheeled Granny Bike all year around to supplement their leisurely life style. Ontarian’s and other parts of Canada can look forward to at least 8 months of good bike riding weather. This four wheeled bicycle can add to the enjoyment of living in any retirement community.