What is hurricane insurance? Do I need it?

If you want to get technical there really is no hurricane insurance. It really is a mixture of insurance policies that are available for purchase that is intended to keep your home protected from hurricane damage. If you are living in an area prone to hurricanes, it is recommended that you buy as much coverage as your budget allows. Read below to find out more regarding Florida hurricane insurance.

The first way to keep your home protected is to have a home insurance policy. Your standard FL home insurance should cover you against heavy wind damage according to https://floridainsurancequotes.net/home-insurance/staggering-cost-florida-property-insurance-rates/. If hurricane winds tear off your shingles, for example, your policy would have to pay you for the damages. If you look closely at your policy, often times you will deductible for hurricanes.

According to , you may be required to purchase an extra windstorm insurance policy in addition to your homeowners insurance. In the case of this, all wind damage would be covered under this single policy. Also, Florida hurricane insurance would cover cyclones and tornadoes.

This windstorm insurance would be required if your home is within 1000 feet of an Ocean. Keep in the mind the rates for this will depend on your property value and what condition the property is in.

When it comes to FL hurricane insurance, be sure to consider a hurricane deductible. Before receiving payment from your claim, it is necessary that you pay a hurricane deductible. It is usually around 3% of what your home is insured for.

How much will hurricane insurance cost me?

While the average cost of home insurance is $964 dollars per year, it would averagely be around $1,500 to protect your home from a hurricane. If you need to pay extra for the windstorm coverage, expect it to cost a few hundred dollars more. However, the total price you will pay will be based on your home and how close it is to water.

Since there really is without Florida hurricane insurance from FloridaInsuranceQuotes.net, you may find your internet searches to be lacking. If you have read through the entire guide, you should realize that instead of FL hurricane coverage, you will need to purchase extra windstorm insurance instead. If you browse the web you should easily be able to find insurance deals that will fit your needs.